the thing about smoke and mirrors is that they show us in pieces, take all the heat sis, but u may melt in the wintertime n that sweet rhyme stuck in ur head puts u 2 bed with ur conscience,

this isn’t nonsense only something u gotta make cents of, wear both gloves before movin shaky but my plans been flakin like dust in the wind they were never my plans 2 begin only somethin

i called in 2 free my womb from this ancient tomb where 2 people doom is wearin a mask or leavin a flask or findin courage 2 ask questions that u know the answer 2 still there’s nothin

like the Truth 2 hold u in a distant knight – hold u from that distant flight because we only get so many trips around the Sun – do u know ur limit or r u already finished, clutchin steady 2 a well

that is only dry – this wisdom will be my demise and the rise of our people will come through Patience and Riot...


maybe the lightnin strikes at once where our hearts could never thump my eyes found wunder in pure desolation there is a nation that emerges from rage but no rewards for zombies phasin

out from underworlds i saw shirley’s temple in another life i was praying for youth while youth was prayin to dice me up into little portions ever since the contortions in my stomach these memories been runnin the frame – heaven’s chest is nothing less than ur favorite pieces,

promise i will stay if this is what the world pleases but i meet you in every life now the turnin tables remind new fables of what came before and i won’t ignore the signs that a savior is

comin, this patience is numbin but really it teaches us how 2 love – know we laugh tall from fire above but 2 me u are the essence of paradise i recognize u in every life but this time we shall ascend –

only 2gether can we bend the rules of time and space...


how can u chace a love u’ve never known, hold gold in ur hands just 2 let it all go – i know u understand when i play just 4 hope so u sea the seasons pass but never do eye feel the pain of

summertime when it hails deep reign on our skin we are meeting in dreams 4 eternity I yearn 2 be the fullest version of myself – ancient history stifles our wealth but we build in the night

without any room 4 error we come here prepared, yeah... 4 war but knowing more wunder exists in peace – don’t say they police us 4 our safety or you may end up with Hades because the untold

truth is that the tryin ruthlessness lies in the spirit of the past – can we just detach or is it true that we r fallin 2gether like a feather playing dominoes...


and so where may we dance if i do not dream? where can i meet you if it only seems like we are far away and i know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder but this distance makes me

ponder if we’ll ever connect again – maybe i’ll never spin any friends of my own but does that make u a ghost or still another mother of the village, yeah we all have our spillage of emotions

but this intense and wild commotion caused within my chest from the moment that we met feels like a blessing – i could just be guessing but i know love is supposed 2 make me feel safe so why

is it we’ve erased all the true comforts of our time – left them behind as though wires trump pines – a love like this is strange to find so if u don’t remember me i may just be in love with the


even when u see the fire, the people don’t always listen, no they r 2 busy watching the flickering ocean waves, no mind that there comes a day 4 the sea 2 consume u, Allah sees right through u,

no matter how the humans move – there is truth in the power of time, moving 4ward, moving
behind – there is more 2 this life than the findings of this outside land... what about that internal

hand searching within u 4 more – i knocked down all the doors of lost profits and they told me 2 walk it off so i have moved 2 stop the corruption of cash n cut the stash 4 these foolish lions do

roam, forgettin the power of the lambs they’ve known – see the lambs r quiet and herded but they’re set 2 win / 4 unlike the lion, none of these dears believe in their strength...


only when our mother is merry do we rise again – tell me who of ur comrades who of ur friends, came to Earth without a womb? surely the only other wrapping is a tomb 4 those who unlucky

enuf 2 be livin as demons / r those the reasons u hate us so? make us wear the veil just 2 go 2 the market – just 2 sit in the park it seems quite unfair 2 hide bodies in air because u never learned 2

see the womb beyond ur desires... no i think i’ll retire from this foolish charade because this anger comes in waves and we won’t grow older til we learn the colder laws of the universe...

and we never learn until we look to the Black Womb... that is the presence whom can take us thru 2 the 11th dimension with just one mention of Allah’s embrace...


i met u in my dreams, spent hours of my sleep carrying u from danger’s away i never even
thought to say that u were mine, never thought much about the magnetic connections of our
spine until i awoke to the feeling of ur palm – oh love, u were never gone, just working ur way

back 2 me in fact u see we were always destined 2 meet again – my deepest friend lived once in my belly – now they’ll never tell me that they don’t see the angel at my chest – it’s nothing less

than wunder that has led me 2 u – no saying what we may do as 1 in these lands... but surely our hands r just small enuf 2 sculpt the wurld...

WUND3RLAND continues...

Ima Diawara, 2023
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