don’t cry 4 me // thingz fall a p a r t


do not cry 4 me 4 i am
restin’ - my soul n spirit are testin’
ur strength 4 the dayz ahead -
the words were r e d before we ever

wrote them, the dayz were full
before we ever broke them
n the trinity lives on inside us,
everlastin’ - j u s t in passin’

the answers are given
‘til then we are livin’ inside
the d a r k
the smallest spark

burns the entire forest,
don’t feel s o r r y 4 us
we are only here 2 serve [u]
only here 2

work thru the ashes
n rise into
the s o n
the day we wun

is when we faded
into the l a n d
hand in broken hand,
prayin’ 2 be pure again

the day u win
is the day u
let thingz
fall a p a r t

Ima Diawara, 2023
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