invisible wombyn

Created & Directed by: Ima Diawara
Starring: Ima Diawara
Director of Photography: Ori Tom Ravid
Editor & Color Correction: Khari Johnson
Produced by: Chris Weitz
Song Production & Engineering: Kelechi Aharanwa
Original Song - Four Little Birds by IMA ZIMA
Funded by Ima Diawara & Cynthia Palmer 

Special Thanks To: Diawara & Martinez Families

Dedicated to: Lavender Diawara & All Invisible Wombyn

Special Note from the Director:
This was the most difficult film I have made so far. I used this production process as a way to alchemize my traumatic experience with abortion into art... and it worked. I have finally found peace and unburdened myself from the lingering regret I’ve wrestled with for five years. By externalizing this hideous memory, I’ve reprogrammed it into something beautiful. May peace be with you.

Ima Diawara, 2023
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