the m o o n also rises


into a hazy sunset i swam
arms s p r e a d across our landz - washing sandzzz in the glowing mazeee

u shot me in this brilliant shape, planted d r e a m s into my soul
a dragon woke me from sleep - told me 2 grab hold

of the glistening leaves - blowin’ thru the storm
damaged, perhaps, maybe ur torn
but the m o o n also rises

when the tunnel is b l e a k
and endless, there is a patient prayer whisperin’
ur name into wild windzzz

- - -

i am destined 2 sin n’ yet steal - it shakes the g r o u n d 
u knocked me out in this 1 round
but what about the past (we’ve grown)

another path - eye’m shown
where ur r a g e is planted inside me - ur <3 never beat be side me
these kraken’ windows, shattering molds cuz they
never had space 2 flow

my achin’ gold i keep hidden from da colonizin’ shadowzzz
lurkin’ - endless battles hold me in the swamp - i cannot stomp
this agony away - it is a bathtub where i re main s o a k e d
in throbbin’ pain / prayin’ 2 the reign 2 stay 4ever fallinnn‘

Ima Diawara, 2023
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