u just might...


so hard 4 me to focus, with u at the tip
of my tongue – it’s a lil numb but i think i feel it
swear it’s cool bits that keep the heat 2gether
... writin @ cafes in sweater weather
so my mind keeps driftin 2 u –

now u see me // it’s true
but i can’t tell which peaces u sea
oceans inside of these wooden branches
2 many chances

like the 1 i gave 2 u
nothin knew between us 
do u dream 4 us?
nothin but $$$

funny money dreams
muddy streams
in a damn desert
(it won’t hurt if i turn away)

i can bee busy 4 somedays,
sprint 2 fade gentle blu rays
might switch up the scenes on me 

u just might...

Ima Diawara, 2023
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